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For over a century, we have been manufacturing textiles for menswear and womenswear with a distinct soul and style that make a statement. We put our heart into everything we do, which is why we have distinguished ourselves over time. We are known not only for our quality and innovation, but also because we have added the right amount of creativity, research and freshness to the renowned classic style of Biella fabrics, which has gradually convinced the most prestigious luxury fashion brands in Italy and abroad. Through the accurate warping, twisting, weaving and finishing processes performed in our plant in Polto, in the municipality of Trivero, we create unique and distinctive fabrics that are renewed each season yet always remain true to our DNA.
We use the finest natural fibers to produce fabrics for jackets, dresses, suits, and coats that are in step with the times and trends while fully respecting our personality. Our exclusive, high-quality fabrics are always stylish and ideal for refined apparel with precise, unique aplomb. Our fabrics are the perfect synthesis of our heritage and superb textile manufacturing tradition, our constant desire to look forward and to innovate, and our ability to approach different worlds and markets, offering the expertise and elegance that have made us famous.

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Milano Unica
6-7 July 2021